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Logo Designs
Would you care to pay an exorbitant sum to get a small 200px wide graphic designed for your company? If yes, my logo design services are for you. The following guys didn't mind paying me a lot of money to get a logo designed. You should totally join the club!
Make Sense LogoAgni Extinguishers logoBeaming Sun LogoCanvart Studio LogoGlobal HealthCare Solutions LogoGoldstein Brownfields LogoIsland Flicks logoLife Supposrt Hearbal LogoMindbottling LogoPink Inspiration LogoSiggy's Cup LogoSpark Rocket LogoSpin On Golf LogoSayva LogoRJ Plus LogoSayva LogoRJ Plus Logo
A scientist thinks with his brain, an artist thinks with his heart but wouldn't it be cool if you could think with someone else's mind? I can do that!!! In fact if you come 5 feet within my range your mind belongs to me. While your mind is busy thinking for me my original mind dreams off into a far away land where there are unicorns farting rainbows. Sometimes I try to capture the images I see in this dreamland but photography is strictly prohibited there along with peeing on the road side.
Tee Shirts
A man might be able to survive without food or shelter but not without these tees. Made from 100% pure uncut cotton directly smuggled from the cotton fields of Mexico these tee shirts can help you hold your head high even when there is no food on your table or no roof above your head. Visit my store to buy these tees
User Interfaces
I believe that glossy buttons, social networking and skeuomorphic design can out-survive a cockroach during a nuclear holocaust. With this infallible philosophy deep-rooted in my mind I sketch each of my designs on 200GSM paper made by chopping and pulping century old trees in the amazon rain forests that crawl with dangerous reptiles thereby making them extinct and saving poor amazonian people from getting eaten by these rather dangerous animals. After the sketching and prototyping is done I bring these designs to life with the help of one of my most favorite softwares - The Microsoft Frontpage. Testing is done solely on IE6 thereby saving me a lot of time on writing browser specific hacks for chrome, firefox and all those open source crap-ware out there.
The sight of a tree being fell excites me. The process of converting these pretty useless things that stand on sidewalks into very useful paper which homeless people can use to make under-wears is simply stupendous. But not everyone sees the bright side of things and they cry for recycling, reuse and all those shenanigans. I mean come on...would you cherish the smell of a new book if you knew that a homeless man used that paper as toilet wipe before it went for recycling?
Design Thoughts
I believe that thinking is more important than doing. Speaking about what you think and showing people that you are a being of superior intelligence is even more important. Every now and then I feel this itch to jot down some of my thoughts and brag about it on twitter and facebook. Well enough said...why don't you just visit my blog.
Contact Me - sreeramanmg[at]
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