Progressive Summarisation – Notes

  • The challenge of knowledge is not acquiring it. The challenge is knowing which knowledge is worth acquiring.
  • Split notes into how frequently you want to review them. From immediate to cold storage
  • Sales Process
    • gaining attention
    • inspiring interest
    • establishing credibility
    • stoking desire
    • making a case for action NOW
  • Note design is a balance between discoverability & understanding
  • Compression influences Discoverability and Context influences Understanding
  • There is a lot of trade off between Compression and Context

“How do I make what I’m consuming right now easily discoverable for my future self?”

  • So Progressive Summarisation goes something like this. In Layer 1 you copy paste text from an article or a book into your note taking program. In Layer 2, you bold passages that are interesting. In Layer 3, you go through the bold passages and highlight text that you think are more relevant. In Layer 4, you write mini summaries of the text in your own words. In Layer 5, you remix content based on what is relevant to you. You combine the ideas with ideas that are in other notes.
Progressive Summarisation in a nut shell