Design Basics for Content Creators – Guide

Here is a small guide I made on Design for Content Creators.

It covers the basic elements and principles of design, Gestalt Principles, Colour Theory, Mobile Phone Photography and Videography basics.

Design Resources

The below is a comprehensive list of resources linked to in the above guide


Here are a list of free tutorials on youtube to help you on your path to becoming a better content creator


01. Mobile photography basics –

02. Lighting basics for portrait photography –

03. Basic composition techniques for photography –

04. Mobile photogprahy ideas and hacks –

Image Editing

01. Snapseed image editing –

02. Snapseed basic tutorials –

03. Double exposure technique –

04. Making your images awesome with lightroom –

Video Editing

01. Kinemaster basics –

02. Another Kinemaster tutorial –

03. Inshot tutorial –

Free Design Resources

Here are a bunch of resources that might come in handy

01. – free stock images

02. – free stock images and videos

03. – free vector and png icons

04. – free vector and png icons

05. – free sound effects for your videos

06. – free sound effects for your videos